How Not To Jump A Car

Jumper cables are used to jump-start a dead battery. This is a simple procedure where the dead battery is connected to a running battery through jumper wires. Although it appears very simple and most people are aware of how to connect the batteries, but there have been many incidences where the polarity of jumper cables was reversed unknowingly. This easy-looking procedure can be a tricky or confusing one, especially for new drivers. The batteries are used to generate an electric current, which in return starts the engine running, so for a car to start, it is important that the battery is working fine. The proper way of connecting the batteries is when the positive terminal of one battery connects with the positive terminal of the other, and in the same way, the negative terminals of both batteries are connected with each other. On the other hand, the improper and dangerous way of connecting the batteries is when the positive terminal of one battery is connected to the negative terminal of the other battery or vice versa. This will lead to the production of heavy current that can damage multiple things.

Damage to the batteries

Batteries are mostly made of acid-lead type. When the batteries are reversely connected with each other, it will cause a huge current to pass between the two batteries, which will generate a lot of heat in the batteries. The heat will, in return, cause the acid-lead battery to generate hydrogen gas internally. Now there are two extremely dangerous possibilities, either one of the two will occur or both at the same time. Firstly, the heat generated from the surge of current between the batteries will cause the internal and external parts of the batteries to melt. Secondly, the hydrogen gas generated will cause a lot of pressure inside the battery casing and will eventually cause the battery casing to break and explode. The explosion can be extremely dangerous because of the escaping hydrogen gas and can ignite the whole car in the process.

Damage to jumper cables

The damage of reverse polarity can also be on the jumper cables. Many jumper cables are not made to withstand the high surge of current passing through them. The extreme heat generated in the process will cause the insulation of the jumper cables to melt immediately. This will cause the person holding the cable to be in contact with the inner coating of the wire, causing the electric current to pass through his body, and the person will have to endure a large amount of electric shock.

Damage to electrical components

The damage of reversed polarity is not just to the batteries and jumper wires but will also damage other electronic components of the car. Sensors and other onboard computers on the vehicle will be damaged completely. The high levels of electric current can damage the fuse link of the vehicle. This fuse is designed to protect the electrical system of the vehicle. The alternator of the vehicle is sensitive to an electric current passing through it, and if the polarity is reversed while charging batteries, this can damage the alternator completely as well. Radio fuses are mostly instantly damaged by reversing the polarity of the jumper cables. The small amount of spark or fire is quite enough to damage the electrical fuse of the radio and will have to be replaced completely in order to start working again. 

Mostly when people get a dead battery scenario, they call a mechanic or towing trucks to help them. Even if they are professional, they can also make a mistake and connect the jumper cables in reverse polarity. One such incident took place when a person was sitting inside his static car and listening to the radio. After 10 minutes, when he wanted to start the car, the engine wouldn’t start for even a bit. HE then called the towing truck company. The mechanic mistakenly connected the power cables in the reverse direction. This caused white smoke to come out of the engine. Seeing the fumes, the mechanic quickly reveres the polarity back to the right way. This prevented the car battery from catching fire. After charging the battery for some time, the engine did start running up, but the radio was damaged. The mechanic suggested taking the car to his repair shop and try changing the fuse box of the radio. After changing two fuses, the radio was still not working, and the car owner decided to take it to the car company showroom. This shows that if quick amends are done to the reverse polarity mistake, it can prevent heavy losses, but it is never sure that it can prevent loss; the loss can be negligible or significant according to the situation that is encountered.

Protection against reverse polarity

Some Jumper cables have the shielding power to protect against reverse polarity. These jumper cables have a different type of safety equipment attached to them that can help in preventing heavy losses. These can be in the form of a led that can warn if the connections are not correct. They can identify an error by a red light and can also tell if the connections are correct with the help of green light. In the same way, much other such equipment can be used to tell the users about the connection, such as alarms and digital display. In the same way, an alarm can alert the user in case of a wrong connection, and the digital display can express a message that can inform the user if the connection is not correct. This can help the user in changing the connections and getting himself as well as the car safe. All of this equipment’s’ warn the users and help them in correcting the error they made in connecting the cables.

There are many products in the market that can prevent the act of damaging many of the sensors and fragile devices, just with the help of some of these protection mechanisms described above. This safety equipment should be part of all the jumper cables as if the connections are made wrong. It can result in fire and much more. These small, yet useful devices can prevent many emergency situations and heavy losses. Along with these, the wires should be completely insulated to prevent any type of leakage of current and short circuit. Both of these can heavily damage the cars connected to it as well as the users using these cables.

There are many products that have almost all of these safety elements and have all of the mechanisms to prevent reverse polarity.

  1. Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft 600AMP

It is a Heavy Duty Jumper Cable with Reverse Polarity Protection by HORUSDY listed on amazon has a system of leadership that can help the user in identifying if the connection is correct or there is any fault present. This jumper cable has reverse polarity protection and can prevent emergency situations that can lead to heavy losses. These cables come with a user-friendly design and have two colored wires, red and black. These different colored wires immediately tell you that which of them is connected to which of the two terminals, positive and negative. Along with this, the jumper cable also has a warranty that makes it a more secure choice for buyers. These wires have premium quality PVC, which is resistant to freezing, cracking, and folding.

It is a 16 Feet Booster Cables with Reverse Polarity Protection. It has all of the possible protection against short circuits and reverses polarity. It has a very good Smart 6 Protector, which helps the user in identifying if the terminals are not corrected properly and reverse polarity exists. It also has complete isolation around it. It has strong clamps with durable wires that prevent any loose connections and prevent leakage of current, saving the cars as well as the users using the jumper cables. These jumper cables also have two colors, which makes it amazingly easier for the user to identify which of the colored wire is attached to which of the two terminals. This can also help the user in identifying whether he has connected the negative with the negative or not. It also comes with a durable carry bag and a pair of safety gloves, which gives the user another level of satisfaction along with more safety.

In the same way, many of the manufactures of jumper cables now include protectors that prevent the reverse polarity and warn the users to immediately correct it if it exists. This not only protects the cars but also prevents the valuable users from using the jumper cables as in the case of reverse polarity, a large amount of current can flow out and can result in electric shock, which can also lead to death. Hence it should be made sure that the jumper cables you are using are reverse polarity protected. These small devices, which seem useless, are actually lifesavers that can come in handy in an emergency situation and can help the users in correcting the problem before it converts into a big disaster such as fire or electric shock.

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